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Free Spells That Work In Minutes To Attract Money

Free spells that work in minutes to bring financial thrift into your life. NO matter what your circumstance may be, we all want a life that grows. This is more so if it is our financial lives that we are talking about. Unfortunately, sometimes we do not all get lucky and fail to succeed in our financial endeavours. If you feel there is something that is holding your financial progress, this free spell can help you attract the energies of wealth and financial thrift. Are you ready to change your financial life? use the spell below.

Free spells that work in minutes to attract money fast

Another of the many free spells that work in minutes to get money that we can use in emergency situations is the following. It is very similar to the one that I previously talked about. The only difference is that this version involves the expression of some words. These types of spells to attract money or anything else you want are usually effective more quickly, since the words spoken have more power of attraction than the imagination or the thought.

This ritual for money requires:

  • A green candle
  • Three silver coins
  • Salt

Steps to follow

Take the green candle and write the amount of money you need on it. Don’t be greedy, always be reasonable. Remember that you must believe that this money will really come to you. Now put the candle and the three silver coins on your altar or ritual space. While the elements are charged with energy, open your bathtub faucet and let it fill with water, without thinking about money or the ritual to attract money. Once this is done, put the three silver coins in the water along with a pinch of salt. Place the green candle at the foot of your bathtub. Light the green candle and turn off the other lights in your bathroom.

Get comfortable in the water. Focus on the candle flame and visualize how you receive the money. As you do so, say the following words:

“The green dragon flies over the sea bringing wealth and prosperity to me.”

NOTE: Do not wash your body, just dive into the water. Once the candle has consumed a quarter of the wax, you can leave the tub and dry yourself. Put the candle and the coins on the altar. Let the candle finish consuming. This is one of my free spells that work in minutes to attract money. Hoping it will be helpful. In case you have questions regarding this particular spell and how you can use it to change your finances, please contact me now.

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