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Kuwait Girls – Where to Meet and Date

Where To Meet And Date Kuwait Girls

If you have been searching for the best places to meet and date Kuwait girls, this guide will definitely help you. You may not be able to pick up single women at night because of the laws and restrictions in Kuwait. However, there are places in the country where you can go and meet a date at night. We will preferably start with a spotlight on nightlife in Kuwait, even if hooking up a girl here is not as easy as you think. Later, we shall then look at how you can meet single girls in Kuwait through a dating site so you can get laid fast. We shall also cover ideas that you use for your date night and much other stuff as we go along.

To begin with, you cannot find Kuwait girls in Pick up bars and nightclubs

Any review on how to meet Kuwait girls would normally start with a list of the best bars and nightclubs, but stuff doesn’t work like that in Kuwait. In Kuwait, they do not sell alcohol in open places. This means that it become impossible for you to hook up with Kuwait girls for a one night stand. Well, we all know that most guys get laid in moments when they are surrounded with as many drunk women as they can have around them and catch the one who is ready to lose her inhibitions. However, Kuwait is not a good nightlife area. The only places from where you can party after dark are the Hookah Lounges or Cafes. You might enjoy smoking shish, but that might not make it easy for you to hook up with Kuwait girls.
But, if you are really interested in night life, the best bars and nightclubs from where you can pick Kuwait city girls are:

  • 77 Josper Bar @ Alseif-Gulf Road
  • Genki Bar and Pub-Al-Shuhada Street
  • Sky Lounge @ Radisson Blu on Al Bida Road
  • Tche-Tche Café @Bayan – Marina Crescent
  • Muse Espresso Bar @ 47 Ahmad Al Jaber Street
  • Casper and Gambinis @Usama Ben Monaquis Street
  • Kush by Lokal @ Mohammad Thunayyan Al Ghanem Street
  • Johnny Carinos Italian Kitchen @ Arabian Gulf Street
  • Ark Coffee Bar @ Shark-Block 6 – Parcel 18 Street
  • 20 Grams Speciality Coffee Bar @ 14 Mubarak Al Kabeer Street
  • Little Purple Doort Pub @ Mubarak Al Kabeer Street
  • Haleeb O Hail @ Level B – The Souk

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Many of the businesses that can be considered to be night clubs are located on Arabian Gulf Street. If, if you are really interested in this Kuwait girls, then you must stay close at that place as possible. Other nice places include Sheraton, The Radisson and Crown Plaza – places where you can enjoy live entertainment on site, and where possible, buy some alcohol and share with your choicest Kuwait girls. You should also try to expand your social networks so that you can obtain information regarding where there is going to be a private house party. Surely, people might be drinking there, but if you are unable to know where there is a private house party, then you will find it hard to hook up with any girl in the area. We shall give you more of these tips in our next post. There are also plenty of clubs and bars from where you can enjoy the best nightlife.

How to meet Kuwait girls during day time

In many Muslim countries, you have to be cautious when trying to approach a girl during day time. This is because most of the local women keep themselves covered up. Your chances of getting in touch with them are almost zero. However, if you are interested in a day game, then you might have to try that with the westernized single Kuwait girls who do not dress the way the traditional ones do. If they wear skirts, smoke or have tattoos; then you might be able to conquers such Kuwait girls quickly. You can hook up with them from shopping districts and malls like:

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  • The Avenues
  • Marina Hall
  • Grand Hyper Kuwait City
  • 360 Mall
  • Souq Al Kuwait
  • Souk Al Watiya
  • Souk Sharq
  • Kuwait Al Hamra Mall

But, to be candid; what you need to know is that these day games are just a waste of time ion conservative Muslim countries like Kuwait.

Chat with Kuwait girls online

This is one of the fastest ways of hooking up with Kuwait girls and getting laid. Most of the times, guys find it easy to meet new people when they travel. The very fact that these new girls are not the same as the local ones they were in touch with, creates more opportunities for them. However, in a conservative Muslim country like Kuwait, it is not always easy to do things like this. Kuwait girls rarely get involved in one night stands with the guys they meet. Almost all of them cherish virgin-hood until they get married and if they get laid before marriage, then that will only happen when they think the man in question is very serious boyfriend.

However, not every Kuwait girls come from Kuwait. Actually, we recently found out that there are many single girls who are interested in getting laid and as such, they use the Adult Friend Finder service when they want to meet men. It did surprise us that there were such Kuwait girls in a conservative environment like this one. Many of these girls are not natives, but foreigners who work in Kuwait and are interested in getting things loose because of the absence of nightclubs and they nowhere to seek fun. Well, I think you have now realized that it possible to meet Kuwait girls on Adult Friend Finder and surely you will get laid soon. If you are also interested in a relationship that involves commitment, then Muslima is the perfect site to visit.

Where to date Kuwait girls and get laid online

Now that you have discovered the best places from where you can meet single Kuwait girls, then our dating guide is what you need in order to complete your puzzle. If you are able to show her how serious you are during a date, then your chances of seeing her again or hooking up with her will increase a lot. You can start with a night visit to one of the following cocktail bars and restaurants in Kuwait:


  • Assaha Village @ Al-Khaklij –Al-Arabi Street – Bnaid Al Gar.
  • Pepper Steak House, Jumeirah Hotel on Al-Ta’awun Street.
  • Layali Al Khayyam @ Al Diyafa Village – Arabian Gulf Road.
  • Ayam Zaman @ Al-Farwaniyah.
  • La Tabouche @ Fahd Al-Salem Street
  • Love @ Omar Bin-Al-Khattab Street, Alraya Mall.
  • Al Al-Boom-Steak And Sea-Food located in Raddison Blu
  • Salt@ Al-Ta’aAwun Street.
  • Melenzane @ Store ONE to FOUR, Al Hamra Tower-Al-Shuhada Street.
  • Edo @ Al-Shaab Al-Bahri, AREA EIGHT, Street 80.
  • Ahmadi@Farwaniya 103 STREET.

After enjoying a meal from your favorite restaurant, you can spend the best of your time smoking Shisha at any of the above hookah lounges. There, you can enjoy the views of the Arabian Street nightlife or just grab your coffee. If you are a theatre lover, you can actually take your one of your favourite Kuwait girls to the Kuwait Little Theatre on the night of your date.

How to date Kuwait girls at date time

If you are interested in dating Kuwait girls during day time, then the best time to do that is on a sunny day. Some of the places that will suit your design are:

  • Kobar Island Resort
  • Al-Kout Beach
  • Failaka Island
  • Bayan Botanical Garden
  • Fountain Park
  • Al-Shaheed Park
  • The Zoo
  • Kuwait Tower

If you are one such person who would like to savour the culture of the Kuwaiti on your first date during the day, then you can try:

  • Mirror House
  • The National Museum
  • The Scientific Centre
  • Salaam Palace
  • Tareq-Rajab Museum , of Islamic Arts

Tourists and expats can also date Kuwait girls

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As we come to the end of this Kuwait girls dating guide, we would like to present a few tips for ant expat or tourist who is planning to get to Kuwait. The currency in use in this country is called the DINAR and it is tr4aded for .3 for every United States Dollar at the time of writing this article. The best way of ensuring that you as close to the nightlife in Kuwait as possible is to book your hotel on the Arabian Gulf Street. We also mentioned some hotels that have bars inside in our previous list. But, remember they are not cheap places to stay in.

With regard to dating Kuwait girls, you should always keep your expectations in check. The women that cover their bodies from toe to head are not the type you will conquer as soon as you get there. What you should be on the lookout for while in Kuwait are other westernized women, expats and or tourists like you. Although you may feel as horny as a wild goat, do not overstep bound and always remain as respectful as possible.

We wish you the best as you date Kuwait girls

Well, gentlemen; we feel we have given you enough coverage of whatever you have to do if you are interested in dating Kuwait girls. Remember to share your experiences with us and tell us if our stuff is out of date in the comments section. One last thing you should remember is that there many Kuwait girls using the Adult Friend Finder service and you too c an use that service to hook up with them. That is the end of our article on how to meet Kuwait girls. We wish you the best in your adventures.

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