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Voodoo Lily-A Plant With Beautiful Foliage And Numerous Magical Benefits

Voodoo Lily-A Plant With Beautiful Foliage

One of the plants that truly exudes the magical beauty of nature is the voodoo lily. This perennial plant is usually grown because gardeners like its interesting foliage. Voodoo lily is native to countries in eastern Asia: China, Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia. Its botanical name is amorphophallus konjac, though it is also known by several scientific names like hydrosme rivieri, A. mairei and rivieri var konjac. The stalk of its leaf is olive green and mottled pinkish grey.

In some parts of the world, the voodoo lily is edible

Many societies in the countries where it is grown savor its starchy tubers , which are sometimes processed into stiff jelly or tasteless flour. Actually, dieticians use it as a substitute for gelatin. In Japan, they use the flour made from the voodoo lily tubers for making Shirataki noodles and its starch is used in the making of a fruit jelly snack in Asia. These are a just a few of the wonderful benefits of this magical plant.

The magical benefits of voodoo lily

The voodoo lily is popularly known for its magical uses in voodoo rituals. It is known for its ability to attract snakes that are used for invoking the powers of papa Legba, the voodoo spirit that can connect us to many other different gods and spirits. Its sap has also been used in the treatment of snakebites. So the next time you sustain a snakebite, know that there is a friend just there in your flower pot.

But, what is voodoo?

VOODOO is a native religion in West Africa. in it, believers perform rituals and offer animal sacrifices to the voodoo gods so that they can obtain their powers and favours. With this power, the person invoking the gods can solve all the problems in his or life: love and relationships problems, obtain protection, protect themselves from harm, attract love and banish unwanted people from his or her life. it is from this religion that the voodoo lily derives its name.

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