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Who Is A Voodoo Witch Doctor?

Who Is A Voodoo Witch Doctor?

For many human beings across the globe, voodoo is something that shouldn’t even be talked about. The mere mention of the words “voodoo” or “voodoo witch doctor” will not only make the hearers raise their eyebrows, but will also attract many negative opinions and harsh judgments from such groups of people. However, we shall not focus on that. Let us leave it for another day and focus on the subject of voodoo witch doctor.

Who is a voodoo witch doctor?

In technical terms, a voodoo witch doctor is also known as a “Houngan”. In most cases, they inherit their magical knowledge from the predecessors who choose to teach them such skills before demise. There are also some of them who are initiates: this particular type receives training and is initiated into service as a haungan. In the world, voodoo priests, or voodoo witch doctors are commonly fund in Africa, the Caribbean, The Americas and even in Europe.

What does a voodoo witch doctor do?

The role of a voodoo witchdoctor is to preside over voodoo ceremonies and rituals. When a person comes saying he has a problem, which could be sickness, loss of love, failure to find love, broken relationship, decline in business, bad luck problems or feeling as though a spell has been cast on them; the role of the voodoo witch doctor is to present this problem before Bondye. He performs a ritual and guides the participants throughout the entire ceremony. In the end, his work is then to channel the power obtained from the gods to effect healing or solve a problem in question.

Is he a bad or evil man?

Is a voodoo witch doctor an evil, bad or devilish man? Is he to be feared? NOT REALLY! Although people associate the practice of voodoo with evil and revenge, it is not about that per se. Voodoo can be used to do good. Actually, a voodoo witch doctor is only supposed to preside of rituals and ceremonies that are performed with the intention of doing good to man. However, you should also remember that there is a very thin line between good and bad. Let me ask you QUESTION: Would it be “BAD” OR “GOOD” to neutralize an enemy that is threatening to take your life? Answer that for yourself. For now, I believe my piece on the subject of voodoo witch doctor has given you an in-depth knowledge about who that person. Would you like him to cast a spell for you? Use the form below to contact him.

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